Acrid, Anatomy of I + Cacatory
vrijdag 18 mei
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They've been around since '94 and they are still breathing, kicking, scratching and clawing. Many others have come but fallen where they have stayed standing. Always taking the road less traveled. Refusing to kiss ass or comform. They always have and always will do it the way THEY WANT TO.

The first full-length album titled "Amalgamate" was released in 1999. Also released in '99: the demo "Tryad". Following the departure of their bassist/vocalist was the rebuilding which resulted in the three demos "2001", "2002" and "Draw The Line" in 2003.

In 2014 they celebrated their 20th anniversary with the release of a new "EP 2014"! The 2nd album "PRISM" took 11 years (started recording in 2004) and was finally released in 2015. The result: full-blast crunching metal, spitfire melodies and bone-crushing vocal violence. They are now putting the finishing touches to Their 3rd album, which will feature new band members Paul van Beem on bass and Kaj Turfanda on vocals.

Influences:  Arch Enemy, At The Gates, Killswitch Engage, Soilwork, Death, Dream Theater, As I Lay Dying.


Anatomy Of I is the brainchild of vocalist/guitarist Michael Dorrian, with longtime friends Dirk Verbeuren(MEGADETH) on drums and Steve Di Giorgio (DEATH, TESTAMENT) on bass. The band is currently crushing stages with a line-up based in Rotterdam and The Hague(NL), consisting of Edwin van den Eeden (ex-SINISTER) on drums, Erwin Harreman (SUPREME PAIN) on rhythm guitars and Roderick Ras (HOUWITSER) on the bass guitar.

"This is death metal of the 21st century" (Hard Music Base - 9/10)


Cacatory ... a metal band from the Netherlands, influenced by Death/Grind legends Carcass.

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