Changeover "birthday" Celebration
vrijdag 31 augustus
Aanvang: 20:00 Entree: €10,-

On this day Inferus Dei will be playing with ALTAR at the Musicon to celebrate the birthdays of 4 members from their band!!! supported by Dance with Dragons 
Come and check this out!!!

09:00 PM
Dance with Dragons

Dance with Dragons is a symphonic metalband from the Netherlands. This six headed crew is here to bring you hot riffs and catchy melodies, all wrapped up in an energetic performance.
The strong vocals of Sanne bring you an array of stories about love, war, hope and fate. She is supported by the grunts and growls of vocalists and guitarists Wouter and Michiel. The driving foundation for these vocals and guitar madness are provided by Pim on bass and Peter on drums. The string theories escape the fingers of Kenji on keys.

10:00 PM
Inferus Dei

Inferus Dei is a Melodic / Symphonic metalband that started in Januari 2017
Inferus Dei’s mission is to demolish the stereotypical dogmas and tear down the conventional borders within the metal realm. Rock on !!!

11:00 PM
ALTAR official

Altar was founded in 1992 and the band soon released their demo And God Created Satan To Blame For His Mistakes. A year later the band signed with Displeased Records and in 1994 the full length Youth Against Christ saw the light of day. The band quickly gained recognition in the metalscene, played at many big festivals including Dynamo Open Air in 1996 and Lowlands Festival in 1998 and has released a total of 5 albums. 

Unfortunately the members called it quits in 2001, only to be revived by Marcel Verdurmen and Richard Ludwig. This lasted until 2007. 

Ten years later the band has risen from the ashes. Marcel Verdurmen managed to gather a group of ambitious musicians the likes of Erwin Koerts (Icons of Brutality), Bas Karman (Icons of Brutality), Martin Bruinewoud and Janneke de Rooy (ex- Paper Doll Decay). 

The band is ready to reconquer those metal stages and bring back the music that deserves to be heard, as well as keeping busy with writing new material. Altar hopes to release their sixth studio album in 2018.

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