Deformus + The Heritance + Defazer
vrijdag 12 januari
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Deformus was formed in the beginning of 2014. They wanted to make metal on which you just cannot put only one label on. 
With a past and passion for all sorts of metal they searched for a way to combine all kind of influences in their songs. The name Deformus which stands for ‘deform’ is therefore the perfect name for this 4-men formation from Den Bosch, The Netherlands. 
Deformus makes powerful and intense old school metal with a combination of grooving and heavy stoner/sludge riffs with fast and aggressive thrash riffs. 

On September 6, 2017 they released their first EP 'There Is No Way Back' and from that point they will see what can be accomplished further! 

Deformus is: 
Remco Post: Vocals/Guitar 
Ivo Joon: Guitar/Vocals 
Laurens Koning: Bass 
Ronald Heijmans: Drums 

EP ‘There Is No Way Back’ Tracklist: 
1) Parasites 2) Get It Fucking Done 3) Surrounded 4) Go Away 


Deformus - There Is No Way Back is available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and Deezer


The Heritance, the extraordinairy fusion between styles and experience in metal music.



The Heritance started in early 2014 when 5 experienced musicians joined forces. With a shared interest in creative rhythms, fast melodic riffs and brutal vocals. The Heritance do not follow trends, but is making the music they like. Energetic, grooving, aggressive, thrashing deathmetal!


The band is driven by enthusiasm for heavy music and having pleasure playing it. All members have >15 yrs experience in bands ([deluzion], Chiraw, Devious, Caedere) and performing live. The live performances are often reffered to as energetic and intense. The band hits the stage to give it all, to demolish the stage and the venue, and nothing less!


Pitkings reviewed our gig at TattooFest Indoor 2016 – Hedon, Zwolle;


This band puts on a high speed heavy metal show, from the first note ‘till the last one. The songs are varied and very well performed. This is the kind of band you would like to see when you go to a concert. There’s lots of action on the stage and the pace is high, but it sounds as tight as it can be. The whole gig of The Heritance is a display of how well a band can play together; it sounds fucking-a! (


The band released their debutalbum ‘Focus In Requum’ on october 10th 2015 followed by a EP ‘Routine to Decline’ on September 23rd 2017. All aspects of both releases are a band effort. Writing is done in the rehearsalroom, Ric runs a studio where everything is recorded, mixed and mastered, Hrödger takes care of all artwork (including the merch). Self supporting is not a goal, but a natural way of running the band.


To celebrate the release of the EP Happyface Beers brewed the Devil’s Draught, a Weizen IPA. The beer was a give away for the first fans that purchased a Routine to Decline-package. Also a musicvideo was released on YouTube made by Bret Films for the song “Slaves of Existence” a mixed mediafilm from two shows with backstage and live material.


And because The Heritance is not the band to lean back and enjoy the ride, they are already writing new music again!


But for now, you can enjoy our new EP! (best experienced with a cold Devil’s Draught of course!)


The Heritance is:

- Denniz              Vocals

- Hrödger            Bass / vocals

- Ric       Drums

- Thomas             Guitar

- Wouter             Guitar








Slaves of Existence (2017) on Youtube:

Liquor Lullabies (2015) on Youtube:




Check out ‘Routine to Decline & ‘Focus in Reliquum’ on Spotify!


20:00 open

21:00 Defazer

22:00 Deformus

23:00 The Heritance


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