Sons Of Apache (F) + Kayamata + Gula
vrijdag 2 maart
Aanvang: 21:00 Entree: €6,-

Sons Of Apache
- is a instrumental stoner rock band from Normandy, France.
Founded in 2010 by Tok (guitar), Zarba (bass) & Gromano (Drums)
Influenced by bands like Kyuss, Rage Against The Machine, Karma To Burn, The Atomic Bitchwax, Iron Maiden, Limp Bizkit, Queens Of The Stone Age, Tool... (and many more... !)
the goal is simple : to make some fat riffs, with many fusions between styles and a great energy.

-is a interstellar stoner psych doom band from Leiden The Netherlands with holy vocals, catchy riffs, 2 guitarists with an ear crushing sound, a bass player deep as the ocean, loud as an exploding spaceship and a drummer who hits harder than the grooviest thunderstorm you ever heard, they take music to a deeper dimension.

- is based in Rotterdam and consists of Ilja Fase, Jan Bleijenberg and Aad Oliehoek, all ex-members of HeadSmoke. Fase and Bleijenberg formed Gula in 2015 and Oliehoek joined them in the Autumn of 2016.
Rocking soundscapes is their thing! The band combines the psychedelic and atmospheric with doom and metal.

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