The Quill + 3speed Automatic
vrijdag 24 november
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The classic lineup, who made the records “Silver Haze”, “Voodoo Caravan” and “Hooray! It´s a Deathtrip” has reunited. 
Lead singer Magnus Ekwall (Ayreon) is back behind the microphone and together with the dynamic interplay between drummer Jolle Atlagic (Hanoi Rocks, Electric Boys, Firebird), guitarist Christian Carlsson and bassist Roger Nilsson (Spiritual Beggars, Firebird) it is a unique foursome. 
The band has kept the 70s feel intact, recording the new songs of “Born From Fire” in the studio. 
In spite of the 70s strains, The Quills music lives and breathes 2017. 
Magnus Ekwall about his return in THE QUILL and the lyrics on the new album:
- I got a phone call from Christian about a year ago and we decided to try and write some songs again. Actually there were no plans for a reunion at that moment but things went very smooth and we kind of got back the old Silver Haze feeling and here we are.
-The new record is back to the roots, no frills, just full throttle real QUILL rock!The lyrics are based on my life and things in life like, birth, death, sorrow and happiness, and I think that everyone can relate to that.
- First time we got together in the rehearsal room and jammed at a couple of old songs it was like we never been apart, says Christian Carlsson. We just picked up from where we left off.
-Set Free Black Crow was the first tune we wrote and I think we managed to squeeze in everything about THE QUILL in that one, says Jolle Atlagic.
-Getting together again was very inspiring and new material was flowing out of our brains, endlessly, says Roger Nilsson.
-After two months on the road with Monster Magnet and all big European festivals on top of that we had achieved pretty much everything we aimed for. It was hard to reload and we slowly drifted apart as a band, it obviously took us 10 years to recover, says Christian


The Quill (1995) – Silver Haze (1999) – Evermore (1999 / 10“ EP) – The Quill – reissue (2000) – Voodoo Caravan (2002) – Hooray! It's a Deathtrip (2003) – In Triumph (2006) – Full Circle (2011) – Tiger Blood (2013) – Born From Fire (2017

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