CANCELLED FOR NOW | Black Rabbit + Anger Machine + Deathisfaction
zaterdag 2 mei
Aanvang: 19:00 Entree: €3,-

A Death Thrash Invasion!

Black Rabbit

Black Rabbit is a Thrash/Death Metal band from Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. Due to a lack of metal bands in Apeldoorn, Jelle and Hidde teamed up and created Black Rabbit. The two guitarists started writing songs inspired by Megadeth, Obituary, Death and many more.

They created their own thrashing death metal sound; fast-paced and groovy at the same time! You could say, it is a toxic concoction of Kreator and Carcass. After some shows and a few line-up changes, Pieter (vocals and bass) and Max (drums) were added to the band.

Black Rabbit released their debut EP ‘Warren of Necrosis’ this January. Stay tuned for a gig in your neighbourhood!

Anger Machine

Anger Machine is a five piece Metal band from the Netherlands formed by graduated guitar player Thijmen den Hartigh in the summer of 2015. He asks the same musicians he asked for his examination of the Conservatory to join his band, and a talented guitar student of his to play the bass. By the end of 2018, vocalist Tim Koole leaves the band. His position is taken up in the beginning of 2019 by Metal Factory alumnus Remus Stingaciu.

The band’s sound is modern, combining groovy parts with melodic and harmonic guitar playing. The catchy songs are composed in a clever way, creating variety, but still forming one whole together. Beside the outstanding songwriting the band’s distinctiveness lies in the modern vocals and the high-class guitar solos which both leave their unique mark on the sound.


Deathisfaction is a Thrashmetal band from the Netherlands who like to involve different styles. In 2012 we started this band because of our passion for thrashmetal. In 2016 we closed the Deathisfaction chapter because we had other musical visions. After almost 3 years we are back with all visions on the same direction. We are harder, darker and faster. A more modern style of Thrash.

Doors: 19:00
Damage : €3,00

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