Over The Under + Mutator
zondag 16 december
Aanvang: 15:00 Entree: €5,-

Over The Under - a Polish band playing music drapped between southern/groove metal, stoner rock and blues, with lots of improvising live. Established in 2013 with first self titled CD and 2 big music tours behind:
Cowboys from Space Tour 2016/2017 : 56 concerts, mostly in Poland but also in Germany and Czech Republic.
100% Tour - 100 gigs in 100 days 2017 World Record in playing concerts day by day . The previous record was 65 gigs. This tour was absolutely self made by the band. Tour embraced Poland, Czech Republic, France, England, Belgium, Holland and Germany. The tour was not only about setting a record. It was mostly about proving that a DIY band can arrange and play the biggest continous tour in history and spread their music anywhere they can. This tour is just a begining of band’s crazy idea

Mutator is a thrashmetal band from Holland!

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