Sister May (B) + Dad's Amaryllo
vrijdag 1 maart
Aanvang: 21:00 Entree: €5,-

It’s something you’ve never heard before, yet feels familiar as hell.

The music that these 4 guys create couldn’t be described in a better way. From the first few notes, Sister May (photo) invites you to join them on a journey of life experiences. Their music, as well as art, gets interpreted very personally. Everybody experiences the music of Sister May differently, but when you hear it, it’s impossible not to feel anything.

Their style brings you back to the nineties with influences from the grunge scene. However, they are capable of interweaving it into their personal style. Loud guitars, rambunctious drums, heavy bass and Bert’s unique, pulsing voice. That in combination with a cold beer and awesome company, will give you a perfect experience.

Dad's Amaryllo is a band from Westland, near The Hague.

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26 apr
Aanvang: 20:00 Entree: €6,- (incl. een drankje)
28 apr
Aanvang: 18:00 Entree: €10,-
3 mei
Aanvang: 20:00 Entree: €5,-
4 mei
Aanvang: 21:00 Entree: Gratis
5 mei
Aanvang: 14:30 Entree: €15,-
7 mei
Aanvang: 19:00 Entree: vvk €12,50 deur €15,-
10 mei
Aanvang: 20:00 Entree: vvk 10,- deur €13,-
11 mei
Aanvang: 20:00 Entree: €5,-
17 mei
Aanvang: 21:00 Entree: €7,50
18 mei
Aanvang: 20:00 Entree: €25,-

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