The Cutthroat Brothers (USA) + Wet Boys
zaterdag 16 november
Aanvang: 21:00 Entree: vvk €7,50 deur €10,-

The Cutthroat Brothers

Once upon a time, barbers doubled as surgeons, offering bloodletting and teeth-pulling as well as razor cuts. The Cutthroat Brothers may not literally induce bloodletting, but they certainly do figuratively on their independent self-titled full-length debut.
The duo of real-life barbers—Jason Cutthroat [vocals, guitar] and Donny Paycheck [ZEKE-drummer]—carve up a bloody, ballsy and brash brand of rock ‘n’ roll that—not unlike their medieval counterparts—takes no prisoners. Donning blood-spattered white smocks, they’re as handy with a straight razor as they are with garage punk.

Wet Boys

Calling all booze fighters and all nighters. Your Late night musical salvation has arrived: Wet Boys are here! Bad habit garage punks from La Haya. Drums, Guitar & Mo’. Minimum for the maximum. 7” “Bigger Man Than You” released at glamorous Monster Mash records! (2017)


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