Tiktaalik + Life Savings
zondag 23 februari
Aanvang: 16:00 Entree: Gratis

Tiktaalik; drie mannen, twee gitaren en een drumstel. Stevige rock in de vorm van vlotte nummers waarbij de patronen van de gitaarpartijen moeiteloos flirten met de zware basritmes ondersteunt door de knallende drums. Ooit als project begonnen samen met de zangeres Janneke. Nu enkel heren. Den haag als muziekstad heeft er weer een parel bij. Donker swingend en sexy. Tiktaalik kruipt op het land.

Life Savings make 90′s rock with a 70′s rock approach brought to you in the 10′s. The band was formed in 2012. They played their first show in May 2013. Endings is their first release. The songs on this debut EP deal with adulthood, ambition, mortality, discontent and wealth. Life Savings is Gabry de Waaij (guitar / vocals), Nick van de Perre (bass) and Timothy Plevier (drums). Endings was recorded in 2013 by Geert van den Berg and Bas Jongboer, mixed by Bas Jongboer and mastered by Carl Saff. Artwork: Trois by Joncquil. ‘Between the three of us we know more about the superiority of Indonesian cuisine, single-channel master-volume tube amps designed during the seventies, interpersonal relations within Pantera before and after the murder of Dimebag, ways to avoid having to share your expensive whisky, why not to attempt a kickflip with a guitar strapped on just because there happens to be a skateboard lying around in the rehearsal space, sweating out a terminal illness (so you can come to band practice anyway), the sometimes unhealthy relationship between the batter and resonant head, fighting like an Asian, the latest shitty Dutch indie band related gossip and excelling at allergies than most assorted groups of three people. Also, we like to rock.’

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