Trends & Revolts + Amaguk + Mo Bedick
vrijdag 3 mei
Aanvang: 20:00 Entree: €5,-

Trends & Revolts (photo)

The Hague-based Trends & Revolts is a punk / indie band consisting of a multinational lineup. The band draws from its members’ varied and distinct musical backgrounds, in rock, jazz, free improvisation and contemporary classical music.
Inspired by bands such as Joy Division, Sonic Youth, the Pixies, Ativin, Preoccupations, Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog and much more, the band explores music that is melodic, but also abrasive, fast-paced but also spacious. Catchy but aggressive, beautiful but raucous.
With powerful and energetic performances the aim is for upbeat danceable and punky grooves with transitions into immersive and intoxicating waves of sound. Through hypnotic and enveloping noise, or arpeggiating chordal and rhythmically intricate passages, the band pushes their songs into more abstract sound-based territories, but always in the context of song forms, which hide within them a soft spot for melody.

Simon Kalker (electric bass)
Gonçalo Oliveira (electric guitar)
Alexandre Coulon (drums and percussion)
James Alexandropoulos-McEwan (electric guitar and vocals)

Mo Bedick

Bedroom recording project turns 4-koppige band representing o-town, Katwijk, Leiden en Zoeterwoude. Music with guitars, drums, bass, synths and a voice that all sounds like they are recorded behind that purple fog of alcoholism, perhaps even some green herb, with melodies neatly shining through like an untouchable, but very real Fata Morgana. Psychedelische slackerpop met een korstje van zwartgeblakerde pizzabodem op Mo Bedick’s The KFC Jones EP – the daily indie Met het rechtstreekse en ietwat schizofrene O-Town Shit Town laat Mo Bedick de hele wereld weten dat slaapkamers toch echt de beste opnamestudio’s zijn. Mo Bedick (het alter ego van de achtienjarige Maurijn Wieringa uit Leiden) componeerde het nummer in zijn eentje en speelde ook alle instrumenten (behalve de drums) zelf in. Het resultaat is een dromerige track, die in de refreinen onverwachts hard uit de hoek komt. – the daily indie


Amaguk sounds like nothing you ever heard before in a band modelled in this set-up. Thoughful compositions and hyper- energetic solos solid grounded in groovy beats. Amaguk is Alba Gil on alto saxophone and keys, Alex Coulon on drums and percussion and Daniel Denis on electric guitar and effects. The trio melted together in 2018 and after a few months they have succesfully assembled a unique and original sound expressed through a set of powerful compositions. Their original bassless formation and use of ingenious musical inventions increases the thrilling experience in their perfomances. With influences such as Kneebody, Reinier Baas or Colin Stetson Amaguk's style sails from the very bottom of the Rock guitar tradition to the most colourful avant-garde Jazz.

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